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Asset Tracking, Security & Theft Prevention - Case Study

Asset Tracking, Security & Theft Prevention - Case Study

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Asset tracking helps reduce downtime, increases accountability and improves supply chain analysis

| Sales Engineer


Pryor recently supported a customer with the design and manufacture of a system to track and analyse a vast inventory of CNC machine tools. The customer operates a large, multi-unit site using a broad range of tools such as cutting and drilling. Pryor designed the system to address a number of challenges identified by the customer;

tracking tools throughout the facility, from the tool store to individual machines and operators

managing the tool lifecycle to enable predictive maintenance

gather data to allow long-term quality analysis of tools and materials supplied.


Pryor supplied a large cabinet laser for use within the customers tool store, designed to accommodate small and large CNC tools. Upon receipt of a new tool, the stores team place the tool within the cabinet ready for laser marking. Using Pryor's Traceability Software the operator creates a 'New Tool' which instructs the laser to mark the tool with an automatically generated Data Matrix. This unique, permanent mark allows the stores team and machine operators to track tool locations when in use across the production facility, using Data Matrix readers. In addition to Asset Tracking, Pryor software enables the customer to address a number of key points,

set a maximum lifecycle for each tool e.g. 200 hours

automatic notification before tools reach maximum lifecycle

gather data on operator activities and analyse tool and material quality

change tool status, prompting stores to collect from the individual machine, reducing downtime

review history of every tool with a traffic-light system highlighting tools near or at the end of life


Using an asset tracking system allows the customer to remove damaged or worn tools before they adversely affect productivity or finished product quality.

Tool visibility through asset tracking encourages greater responsibility for all tool users from accountability for company assets.

Reporting functions enable the customer to analyse data captured by Pryor Software effectively, enabling a comparison of tool and material quality from different suppliers. This has provided the customer with a solid understanding of the supply chain to help future decision making.